PEAs operate as independent, privately-funded organizations outside the jurisdiction of state, local, and federal education laws and regulations. California doesn’t formally recognize PEAs as schools, allowing them to avoid state scholastic mandates and indoctrinations. As a PEA, Brightwood can provide a Biblical, Montessori-based curriculum with a “hands-on” approach to learning, instead of using less-effective, formal teaching methods.

California state law requires all students, who attend Private Schools, to meet state educational guidelines. PEAs exist to avoid those laws and guidelines. As a PEA, Brightwood can provide a “hands-on” learning experience, with a Biblical and Montessori-base, that seeks to develop natural interests and activities instead of using formal teaching methods.

FBOs are organizations with members united by common religious or spiritual beliefs. Brightwood strongly believes humans are spiritual beings. Our educational programs help students engage in Biblically-based, spiritual discoveries designed for their overall well-being right now and to prepare them for their future in heaven with the Lord

Brightwood teachers give continuous feedback and scores during the semester with written evaluations at their conclusion. Parents and/or teachers then provide final grades.

We offer TK through 12 grade.

Core classes are held Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:00pm. Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten can attend full or half days (8:30am to 11:00am or 11:30am to 3:00pm). Elective classes are from 3:20pm to 5:00pm.

No. At Brightwood, teachers, staff, nor students are required to wear masks. However, if you want your child to wear a mask, Brightwood will honor your choice with kindness and respect.

No, Brightwood believes in medical freedom and does not require COVID-19 vaccines to attend.

Tell them about our website and give them our email address: info@brightwoodec.net

Yes, we have a well-qualified Administrator joining us.

No. Brightwood operates as a Private Education Association (PEA) outside California public, private, and charter school requirements and indoctrination. Accepting a homeschool charter would force Brightwood to abandon our Biblical, Montessori-based curriculum.

Of course. Educational freedom is a Brightwood core belief. While Brightwood can meet all your child’s educational needs, they may be interested in extra-curricular activities not offered at Brightwood. You should be able to find a homeschool charter to meet those needs.

No. As a Private Education Association (PEA), Brightwood is not recognized as a school by the state of California and cannot be accredited. PEAs exist to avoid California school mandates and indoctrination. However, our students follow a typical course of study and receive a diploma just like everyone else. Also, colleges do not require applicants to attend accredited schools for acceptance.

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